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someone paid for it. >>> hey there, thanks for joining us. this is hln. president obama is on his way to china right now, the third stop of his tour in asia. earlier today he covered ground covering ground with a new negotiation agreement with russia. they're looking to replace the nuclear treaty that expires next month. president obama said things look good. >> in our first meeting when i traveled to moscow, we arrived at an understanding that it made sense for our two countries to begin reducing further our nuclear stockpiles. our negotiators made progress over the last several months. our goal continues to be to complete the negotiations and to be able to sign a deal before the end of the year. and i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of urgency about it, we should be able to get that done. >> president obama and the russian leader also talked about iran. president obama said time is running out for tehran to do something about its nuclear program. u.s. and russia will keep pushing iran and there are other options if that fails, but he didn't offer any details. >>> p
obama landed in china this morning. earlier today he covered ground ne goerting a new nuclear agreement with russia. they're working to replace the start to nuclear treaty that expires next month, and the president says things look good. >> in our first meeting when i traveled to moscow, we arrived at an understanding that it made sense for our two countries to begin reducing further our nuclear stockpiles. our negotiators have made excellent progress over the last several months. our goal continues to be to complete the negotiations and be able to sign a deal before the end of the deal. and i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of urur jenscy about it, we should be able to get it done. >> the two leaders also talked about iran, obama said time is running fout out for tehran doing something about their nuclear program. >>> president barack obama couldn't bring home the olympics, but he's bringing some tourism to his home state. the united states will host the apec summit in hawaii. >>> some guantanamo bay detainees could be transferred to this prison in northern illinois.
. gretchen: the issues that mattered most to the voters, straight ahead. steve: meanwhile, president obama more likely watching the chicago's bull game last night. should he have been paying more attention? we're going to report and you are going to decide. brian: a corporate executive kicked out of first plas class for what he was wearing. >> i was handed the first class boarding pass. then it was pulled back out of my hand and given this original boarding pass. brian: wow. we're going to show you what he had on it might surprise you. meanwhile, our slogan from hazel in north carolina. yes, hazel, this is about you. "raise your flag, turn on the tube, watch "fox & friends" and get the news." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- steve: welcome aboard, folks, to studio e. it's an election postgame show. gretchen: exactly. it was a big one last night. if you're like me, you love staying up and watching exactly what is going to happen and how it's all going to be the morning after. well, for the g.o.p., two big wins
election since president obama took office. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. three races and one night that could help predict america's political future. >> you can't find two more different people than me and jon corzine. >> the stakes of this election could not be higher. shepard: tonight, in new jersey, in new york, and in virginia, election machines are fired up for contests that could be a sign of what's to come for congress. and, for the white house. first, from fox tonight, an urgent recall of a half million pounds of ground beef following two deaths and dozens of illnesses across our nation. health officials say the e.coli bacteria may be to blame. remember undercooked beef can cause e.coli poisoning. if you eat it, it can make you very sick and even cause your kidneys to shut down. the federal centers for disease control and prevention now reports that two people are dead in new hampshire and new york. most likely, they say, from e.coli infection. we're told most of the other suspected e.coli infections are reported in states in new england. but the cdc also warns that
to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: president obama has ordered his top advisers to revise the afghan war options they presented him. that word came today after the top u.s. diplomat in afghanistan warned against sending large new numbers of troops. judy woodruff has our lead story report. >> reporter: the president's call for new troop options came with 68,000 americans already on the ground, and calls for 40,000 more, from commanding general stanley mcchrystal. but the u.s. ambassador, retired lieutenant general karl eikenberry, reportedly has strongly advised against major new deployments until the afghan government confronts widespread corruption. reports of classified cables sent from eikenberry to president obama were splashed across the front pages of major newspapers today. the ambassador's advice seemed to be reflected in a white house statement issued last night. it read: "after years of substantial investments by the american people, governance in afghanistan must improve in a reasonable period of time." news accounts said four proposals were o
: what do we these contests say after electing president obama to the white house? >> if president -- if the demomoats lose all three of those races. >> reporter: the white house is down playing the election's outcomes. the president inherered daunting challelees. >> we have spent a decent amount ofof time talking about one her in afghanistan. we e leaded to an either bigger one. >>> virginia hurtado live in washington, thanks. >>> our election coverage continues on "good morning america." when al gore weighs in on the challenges ahead for the obama white house. >>> a developing story this morning from north korea, it announced it has enough plutonium to make one nucucar bomb. thisay be an attempt to force the u.s. into direction talks with the north. >>> fresh off his re-election victory president hamid karzai is reaching out. we have more on what president karzai has to say. >> reporter: good morning. one day after being declared defacto winner of the election, president karzai made his victory speech. a victory marred by allegations of voter fraud. karzai acknowledged the damage
. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: president obama confirmed today he's ready to announce his decision on sending u.s. troops to afghanistan. he said he'd spell out his plans after thanksgiving. margaret warner has our lead story report. >> warner: the president met well into last night with his national security team, his tenth and final such session since september. today, it was widely reported he'll address the nation tuesday night. >> i'll be making an announcement on how we intend to move forward. >> warner: the president spoke of his decision at a joint news conference with indian prime minister manmohan singh, who was making the first state visit of the obama presidency. >> after eight years, some of those years in which we did not have, i think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done, it is my intention to finish the job. and i feel very confident that when the american people hear a clear rationale for what we're doing there and how we intend to achieve our goals, that they will be supportive. >> warner: mr. obama was said
, president obama arrived in japan. this was the president's first trip to asia as president. during his trip, he'll visit china, singapore and south korea. mr. obama and the japanese prime minister expected to discuss the marine base in okina as well as the climate and afghanistan. >> this morning the parents of the so-called balloon boy are expected to plead guilty. both richard and mayumi heene turned themselves in at a larimer county courthouse in colorado. both are expected to plead guilty to false reporting to authorities which is a misdemeanor. richard is also pleading guilty to felony charges of attempting to influence a public servant. according to reports, the plea deals will ensure that mayumi heene is not deported back to japan. to maryland now where federal authorities are trying to seize a mosque and a building rented by the islamic education center in rockville. it's part of a nationwide seizure of properties owned by alavi foundation. the government claims it's funneling money to a bank involved in iran's nuclear program. >>> in the district, two employees of the togo embassy
. happening now, the buildup to president obama's big announcement on afghanistan. he's starting to spread the word about troop level and strategy before he speaks to the nation and the world tomorrow night. the manhunt for the suspected shooter in the deaths of four police officers. the spotlight is on an ex-convict now on the loose in washington, the state and former presidential candidate who commuted his sentence and let him out of jail and tough questions for the white house about the now famous presidential party-crashers. how did it happen, and what's the secret service doing to stop it from happening again? i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> president obama is putting more top officials in the loop today about his new war plan strategy in afghanistan. his long-awaited public announcement on troop levels a little over 24 hours from now, and there's a lot of anticipation and concern about more american lives on the line along with lots more u.s. taxpayer dollars. let
there as the discussion here domestically continues as to whether president obama send more troops and whether our allies will contribute more. is that something discussed on the ground there? guest: probably among soldiers, but among afghans it is probably a much smaller group who pay attention to the smaller, finer points of american policy. soldiers have a sense depending on the area they are patrolling, whether or not they have enough people working with them. that is something that is talked about. really, in their day-to-day life in afghanistan a lot of people are not so involved in the particulars of this decision. host: there is also news about the karzai government and its efforts moving forward. have you seen any change on the ground there groundkarzai last week put forth his principles for this administration going forward? guest: not much concretely. there have been quite a few announcement by the prosecutor's office. but when it comes to whether there will be charges, under investigation for corruption had -- whether there will be charges will be quite a take and the president's office denie
. the victim had minor injuries. >>> could uncle sam b sure you are safe on metro. obama administration wants the federal government to take charge of the rails. and the white house says state agencies have not been doing a good job of oversight and cites the metro crash as an example. >>> dozens of people are waking up in kansas city after their flight out of town hit alock of birds. passengers on the flight you sought they were about to crash when the plane hit the birds. the plane landed safely, but one ma thez nau man onboard describethe scene. >> you could smell something burning, and the plane immediately started going down to the right like that. i think everybody in the plane thought we were going down. at least that's what i thought. >> fortunately, all of the 129 passengers and crew members were all right. the same cannot be said for the plane. frontier airlines says the plane was badly damaged. >>> president obama is vowing to have a new nuclear arms treaty by the end of the year. the current nuclear agreement between the two countries expires december 5th, and mr. obama says he is
, even president obama spent hours lining up the votes to pass a plan to cover all americans. brian mohr is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: it is a dramatic fight to the wire. republicans just moments ago failed to stop a vote this evening. democrats are now moving forward on a final vote on this historic health care bill. it does come down to democratic support which is not necessarily guaranteed. passage of this sweeping $1 trillion house health care reform bill came down to a couple of hours of debate and a handful of votes, none of them republican. >> we will make history. >> reporter: the day began with president obama tveling to capitol hill to make sure democrats supported the bill. late in the evening it passed a key hurdle. >> the amendment is adopted. >> reporter: an i have an amendment at the desk banning government funded abortions. it was demanded by moderate democrats. publicans condemn the health care reform plan as a washington power grab. >> how bad does it have to get before we stop the out of control spending? >> reporter: republicans presented a counteroffer they s
, deputy reserves and some 200 volunteers. the obama administration had removed some of the sheriff's authority to arrest illegals, so the sheriffs used state laws instead. it was a early wake-up call onboard space shuttle atlantis. >> good morning, atlantis. and good morning, bobby. >> good morning. i just wanted to thank my wife -- gretchen: in a few minutes the shuttle will start docking with the international space station. atlantis will also do a pirouette so nasa can make sure there isn't any damage on the underbelly. those are your headlines this morning. steve: a nice way of nasa -- gretchen: i didn't know they do ballet. steve: they do a little flip so they can look at the belly. all right. harry reid is going to finally unveil his health care bill. it apparently has been merged. he has said all along they've been waiting for the official numbers from the congressional budget office to find out how much this thing is going to actually cost. and just to show how much the president wants this to pass, he is dispatching former colorado senator and interior secretary ken salaza
president obama announces his decision on the way forward in afghanistan on tuesday night, will it be too little too late? joining me to discuss that question from the american university, former pakistani ambassador to the u.s., dr. ahmed and from the military side one of our military analysts major general bob scales. good to have you here today to talk about this. >> hi, brian. >> brian: let's talk about it, first of all, from a sort of a diplomatic standpoint. the president is going to apparently ramp up to some degree military forces inside afghanistan. now, your thoughts about that and how will he be received in the region? >> brian, my feeling is that the number of troops is not going to change the outcome of the war. it will make a difference, but not change it. what will change the outcome will be a strategy. president obama really needs to give a clear-cut strategy which ensures the long-term people's relationship which guards interest of america, relationship with afghanistan and pakistan and that's a difficult order because right now you have unpopular, leaders. >> theoretica
of the roadway. lanes have also been closed on a larger freeway. >>> president and mrs. obama hosted their first state dinner at the white house last night. the early buzz seems to indicate it was a pretty smashing success. >> state dinners are steeped in tradition but the obamas came up with their own modern touches. john hendren joins us from washington with more. good morning, john. >> reporter: officially, it was a tribute to india. president obama's debut state dinner was also a tribute to hollywood, bollywood, and washington. it was a bit like an intimate dinner party for nearly 340 of president and first lady obama's closest friends. tonight under the stars we celebrate the spirit that will sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our beam. >> reporter: it was also democratic with a small "d." they held it in a tent, squeezing in twice as many on the south lawn as would have fit in the state dining room. >> even with a big white house like the white house there are only so many people we can invi invite. >> reporter: politicos like senator john kerry and house speaker nanc
over this is hln. i'm virginia cha. president obama landed in china this morning. he met russian president at an international summit in singapo singapore. and the president said things look good. >> my first meeting when we traveled to moscow. our two countries to begin reducing our stockpiles. made progress over the last several months and our goal continues to be to complete the negotiatations and be able to sign a deal before the end of the year and i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of urgency about it, we should be able to get that done. >> president oobalma and the russian leader also talked about iran. time is running out for tehran to do something about its nuclear program. the u.s. and russia will keep pushing iran diplomatically and there are other options if that fa fails, but he didn't offer any details. >>> president barack obama couldn't bring home the olympics, but he's bringing some tourism to his home state. the united states will host the apec summit in hawaii in 2011. the host gets to dictate what the guests wear. the president says he looks f
on health care as president obama makes a national push for reform. >> this is our moment to live up to the trust that the american people placed in us. that is our moment to deliver. >> the battle lines are drawn. so can the bill pass its toughest test yet? and what lace ahead for the president's top domestic priority? also tonight, the uncle of nidal hasan speaks out in the wake of the shooting rampage at fort hood, telling fox news he can't believe his nephew could be capable of such violence and that his work as a military psychiatrist often drove him to tears. >> he was american, 110%. he can't speak arabic. >> breaking now on the fox report, we're minutes away from one of the biggest controversial congressional votes, perhaps the biggest vote in a generation. tonight the house voting on its historic health care reform bill. we want to take you live to look inside the house of representatives. do we have a live picture inside? use your imagination because right now elected lawmakers are getting ready -- there is your inside look. they're getting ready to say yea or nay to the bi
. the obamas will join the grieving families and a lot of people are wearing red, white and blue on this sunny day. >>> the national rifle association wants to stop florida adoption agencies from asking couples if they own guns. the nra claims that the very question invades the privacy of gun owners. it violates a federal law that prohibits the state from registering guns. the child welfare department says gun ownership question is included on some but not all forms that parents fill out. there's legislation being introduced to block the question from being on forms. this is a your views topic for today. richelle carey joins us to talk about what you have to say. >> this comes from a couple that wanted to adopt a child. they had a form that had the question on it. they didn't like having to answer the question about whether or not they had guns and they thought about suing but instead went the legislative route. that's how we got here. we've been listening to what you have to say about this story. we took our views cams down to the streets and got this comment from another chuck. >> my view on
anthony sowell lived. >> unbelievable. dick, we appreciate it. >>> president obama is in south korea on the latest stop of his asian tour. he's scheduled to meet with that country's president tomorrow. they will discuss a free trade agreement and north korea's nuclear program. yesterday the president was in china to meet with the premier there. he accepted an invitation to visit the u.s. next year and president obama took time to walk along a section of china's great wall. he called the experience magical. >>> somali pirates have attacked a u.s. flagged cargo ship for the second time. european union naval force say weapons were fired at the "maersk alabama" this morning. private security guards on the ship fired back and turned them away. the "maersk alabama" was hijacked back in april. pirates took captain richard phillips hostage for five days before navy sharp shooters freed them. pirate attacks are increasing. there have been 29 successful hija hijackings so far this year. >>> hillary clinton is on a surprise visit to afghanistan. that's her first trip there as secretary of state
widespread corruption. reports of classified cles sent from eikenrry to esident obama were splashed across e front pages of major newspapers today. t ambassador's advice seemed to be reflected in ahite house statemt issued last night. it read: "afteyears of substantial investments bthe american peoe, governance in afghanistan musimprove in a reasonable piod of time." news accountsaid four propols were on the table thursday as the prident met again with his nationasecurity team. today however, defee secretary robert gates nfirmed mr. obama wanted something different. e option was to add 30,000 o more troops to take on the taliban in targeted, keareas. the otr three ranged from a small influx of forces to th 4000 general mcchrystal has asked r. the eventsn the u.s. could add to the pressure on ahan presint hamid karzai, after his default re-eltion earlier this mont secretary of state hillary clinn underscored that point today, during a stopn the ilippines. >> we're lookg to president karzaias he forms a new government, to takaction that will demonstrate-- n to the internional community-- but f
a backlash as seen on this sign outside ft. hood, president obama in his internet address spoke about the value of diversity in the military. >> there are christians and muslims, jews and hindus, and nonbelievers thp they a er nonbelievers. they reflect the disveversity t make this is america. what they share is a patriotism. >> reporter: in the west bank hasan's uncle said the alleged shooter is a disappointment to his family. >> i'm glad his mother, she's not alive because otherwise i know what she would do. this is not her son. >> reporter: on behalf of hasan's family, his uncle apologized to the people of the united states. and now the white house says that president obama will come here to ft. hood on tuesday for a memorial service. lester? >> mark potter tonight. thank you. one of the wounded is a police officer who muss tered not only her skills but also her courage to put an end to the gunman's rampage. authorities say she was the first to fire on major hasan. nbc's janet shamlian now with a story of sergeant kimberly munley a fearless cop who many are calling a hero. >> repor
obama is in singapore, the second stop on his first asian tour since taking office. the president and secretary of state hillary clinton are in asia to address a challenge, specially the global challenge and trade. earlier, mr. obama was in japan where he reached out to top business leaders promising an era of cooperation. >> the united states looks to strengthen all the alliances and build new partners with the nations of this region. >> mr. obama will head to south korea. demonstrators are already protesting against him and the war in afghanistan. >>> police releasing new information that that hope leads them to a missing college student. she's been missing more than a month now. >>> also, more long lines as w local parents try to protect their kids from the swine flu. we'll tell you about that. >>> good evening, ohio. that's bruce string steen. why that simple greeting got him in hot water with fans. chuck, what do you have? >> all the rain is gone. i have good news for the forecast. the details in a minute. >>> coming up in sports, an update on alex. virginia trying to keep
last night. the legislation passed by just two votes, and president obama made health care reform a key point of his domestic agenda. >> the bill is passed! >> reporter: passive of the sweeping $20 trillion house reform bill came down to a couple hours of debate and a handful of votes. >> some of my colleagues just received a call from the president of the united states, barack obama, congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. >> the day began with president obama traling to capitol hill to make sure democrats supported the bill. an amendment banning government-funded abortions, and it was demanded by moderate democrats. and republicans condemn it as a washington power grab. >> how does it have to get before we stop the out of control spending. >> the health care system in america needs reform, but pelosi plan is the wrong prescription. democrats say their bill kecove more than 36 million that cannot get insurance right now. >> this is not the pelosi plan, but a plan for all of america. >> reporter: in washington a. show down on land mark legislation, but not the end
. let's try something new. nude pics. send me some. text me. >>> looming decision. president obama sounds closer than ever to unveiling his afghanistan war strategy. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> he'll announce his decisions in a speech next tuesday. >>> be flexible. that's what an expert has told me about saving some money and finding the best travel deals during the holiday season. >>> and the winner is -- ♪ >> well, let's just say there's a new "dancing with the stars" champion and we'll tell you who it is coming up. it's wednesday, november 25th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> while i like the winner, the person i was rooting for didn't win. >> but the song you like was on the show, right? >> i was joking saying i wanted this song to be worked in somehow. whitney sang it last night. excellent job david banfield. >> you got your first request. >> i did. the list continues. >> we will get to find out who won the show coming up in just a few minutes. >> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> president
obama will be practicing and playing with some of the best musicians in the nation. >> reporter: this 14-year-old is previewing a piece she hopes to play at the white house tomorrow. the baltimore school for the arts sophomore will also get a small group lesson from alisa winer, a famous chellist. >> i'll be able to experience more and more. and from an very experienced cellist. and also meet michelle obama. very, very blessed. >> the other is school for the arts senior, david cawa. students just learned in the last week, the head of the music school selected them. >> i was in the practice room one day, just practicing. and doctor ford came in and asked me to play a piece for him. i was wondering what that was about. the next day, he called me into his office and asked me if i wanted to play at the white house. >> reporter: they are hoping to promote music education in secondary schools. >> reporter: david will get a master lesson. and he happens to have applied to go there. just the fact that somebody of her stature would be listening to me. and just giving me advice. >> reporter: their
to the left to get by that. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> president obama will spend his first thanksgiving in office with his family at the white house. >> yesterday, he shared this message. the president said, quote, il be giving thanks for my family and if all the wisdom, support and love they have brought that my life. the president goes on to say that we should all remember those who can't be with the ones they love today, especially troops overseas right now. >>> and u.s. troops overseas are already enjoying the thanksgiving feast. this is video from the defense department just coming ifrom baghdad. look good, right? these troops are from the wisconsin air national guard. it took a ton of thank you, you, # hundred pounds of stuffy and 3,000 slices of pumpkin pie to feed this unit of more than 3,000 soldiers. >> well, it is possible to make it through the holidays without starting the new year drowning in debt. coming up next, tips on getting every on your list knocked out without take a big hit to your bank account. >> looks like more people plan to s
followed some good advice that the obama administration provided him. he waited until the last minute to bring him in and then he brought him into the tidewater area. i think mcdonnell has been very smart in how he's responded to his critics, even some of the attack ads, he's bn very, very smart in the way he's handled the attack ads. so, i just think, you know, it's going to be mcdonnell. >> jerry, the president -- the president did show up there last week. and surprisingly, to some, he had a lot of supporters and a lot of people who said this race is not about you. >> well, if there's such a thing as a miracle in virginia, it would be deeds pulling it out, like you said. but the president showing up there the other day, there's great hope that he will be able to do something for deeds. but we've been saying on this very show it's too late. he came on the 28th of october. the election is, what, november 3rd. and there was is this distancing, remember, when obama first went to virginia over the stimulus package project. there was no deeds there. everybody else was there but deeds didn
her out on a blanket. >>> today president obama will visit u.s. troops in osan air base. he left beijing this morning after meeting with china's premier. earlier today the president visited great wall of china and stepped three steep -- climbed three steep segments and described the wall at spectacular. what a picture to have of yourself late to on the wall. >>> your holiday travels already more expensive this year because a surcharge that the airlines added on for the busiest days. now we learn the surcharges won't end after the holidays as they were supposed to. jennifer westhoven is telling us why. >> like they were a trial and said, oh, look. you're willing to pay them, we're willing to keep charging you. the writing seems to be on the wall if you want to fly on a busy day this year it's going to cost you more. at least among these three airlines. delta, northwest and united. they all tried the holiday surcharges and the are adding them to many busy days all through memorial day. so one example is, the day after the super bowl. it will cost you $50 more to fly. they added a l
today, could unkem sam soon be in charg of making sure you're safe on metro? the obama administration is proposing the federal government take charge of safety regulation on the subway and light rail system. that's the word from the "washington post." the white house said state agencies have not been doing a good job of oversight and cite accidents as examples. it will make it proposal in the coming weeks to congress which must approve any change in the law. >>> also new today, president obama is vowing to have a new nuclear arms treaty and with russia in place by the end of th year. the president met with vush han leader dmitry medvedev today at the asian pacific economic corporation forum. >>> the current nuclear agreement between the countries which is san antonio as star expires december 5th, about plu obama said he's confident they will strike a new deal. >> our negotiators have made excellent progress over the last several months. our goal continues to be to complete the negotiations and to be able to sign a deal before the end of the year. >> president obama and dimitri also di
madison. parish's being held without bail. >>> covering the world, president obama is in singapore for the annual asian-pacific economic summit. in a series of meetings, the president is having to focus on nuclear issues and global cooperation, but he cannot seem to avoid questions about american troops escalations in afghanistan. >> in singapore, at the asia- pacific economic cooperation summit, president obama joined other world leaders. he posed for the obligatory class photo. he and secretary of state hillary clinton are in asia to address the daunting challenges in the global economy and trade and the new threats from north carroll -- the nuclear threats from north korea and iran. president obama kicked off the tour with a stop in japan, where the hawaiian-born leader declared himself a first pacific president. >> the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships. of them he met with the royal family of japan and reached out to top business leaders, promising a new era of cooperation. after a stop in china, he is headed to south korea, where demons
from washington, thanks. >>> as president obama begins to leave for asia, he leaves without making a decision about troops to afghanistan. after a war council meeting yesterday, mr. obama still has questions about how and when u.s. troops could turn responsibility over to the afghan government. the commander in chief also got adse from former secretary of state colin powell. >> this is a very difficult one for him. and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. and don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time and you figure it out. you're the commander in chief. and this is what you're elected for. >> the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan, a former army general, is said to be strongly against a troop surge. >>> the investigation into the ft. hood rampage is raising new concerns about the lack of coordination among america's intelligence agencies. when the suspect, major nidal hasan, bought a gun in texas last summer, the
. harry reid promised to be on c-span, full disclosure, this was about the obama administration, behind closed doors and the media hadn't followed up on that if the same way that if a republican made that promise and broke it. >> one exception one remarkable is david broder, 80, 8-0 years old and still working and calling them as he sees them and a minor war over harry reid, talking the language that they're talking about, hey, this thing is going to cost more than they reamlize. >> is this going to be covered when thanksgiving break is over and everybody comes back to washington? >> oh, yeah. >> yes, yes. >> yeah. >> certainly, certainly. >> and with the economy they better be. >> polls may show a drop in public support because people just want this thing over by now. they're tired of this story, right? >> and it is time for a break, but first, do you want to know what our panelists really think? during the break we keep the cameras rolling in the commercial. check out news watch. back in two minutes to talk about the terror trials coming to the media capital of the wor
. the president and first lady welcomes 2,000 kids and parents to celebrate the holiday. ms. obama was the only one in costume. they got goody bags full of m & m's and a treat from the white house pastry chef. >>> fox 5's matt acland looks at some more memorable get-ups. >> reporter: it's a tradition aswell known as trick or treating. m street attracting famous people. our first celebrity citing, the athletic and beautiful. >> i'm serena williams. it started to rain, hail, sleet, bring it on. >> reporter: but on a night so frightful, even the dead were spotted. >> did you know maryland monroe is dating the beast. >> we were hoping there won't be that much people. >> i'm a midnight ferry. >> did you make your costume or did your mom do it? >> my mom. >> reporter: for many this was not about dressing up, instead they brought the people for people watching. >> you have done this before? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: what do you think of the outfits so far? >> interesting. >> reporter: to deal with some of the traffic issues, authorities set up barricades along m street and blocked off side streets but
essentially what we're saying is an intelligence service. >> as we come back, president obama appears to announce his afghanistan decision. democrats say they won't support yg;wwgkóçó37wcwówg'çówóçoo >> as president obama prepares to make an announcement on afghanistan next week, some democrats are saying they won't support a troop increase without an even bigger tax increase to go with it. there ain't going to be no money for nothing if we pour it all into afghanistan, house appropriation committee told abe recently. if they ask for increased troops in afghanistan i'm going to ask them to pay for it. obey and others are asking for an sur tax up to 5 percentage points on the highest income bracket. joining us wall street columnist dan ettinger, and mary o'grady and kim strassel. kim, i'm doing the math here briefly if i can. when president bush's tax rates expire in 2011 that will take the top income tax rate up to almost 40%. you add in the health care sur tax, 45% and now you add on the war sur tax and top income tax rate to 50% which in some states, you know, califor
obama announced the creation of the high-value interrogation group. this could be make -- this would be made up of law enforcement agencies and this would be housed at the fbi. this would be overseen by the national security council. can you describe the role that the fbi will be playing in this effort? . playing in this effort and the type of oversight that will be placed on interrogation? >> well, what we've come to call the hig is an effort to gather people in anticipation of the acquisition of the capture of high-value detainees, to have a group of people who are steeped in who these people are, who have determined how we can successfully interrogate them, using methods consistent with our values as an american nation, the fbi will play a part of -- play a part in there, along with members of the intelligence community in acquiring this information and in also devising interrogation techniques that will be effective with regard to the specific person that is in front of them. there will be a team of people for each of those high value -- potential high value detainees. >> when co
, including a psychiatry exam and a rubberstamp with hasan's name on it. jane: president obama is headed to alaska out for a rally with troops in anchorage before heading to japan. 502,000 new unemployment claims were filed for the first week of this month, and the president announced that he will be holding a job summit at the white house. take a listen. >> we will gather small-business owners, ceo's, representatives from labor unions and nonprofit groups, to talk about how we can work together to create jobs and get this economy moving again. jane: jenna, where are we as far as unemployment and where we need to be? >> layoffs have slowed down, but hiring has not picked up. although we saw the number of first-time unemployment filings drop to just above 500,000, the four-week moving average is 520,000, and we need at more -- we need more and more unemployment filings reduced during each week to get the number down. that is one trend we're seeing. we are also seeing more americans filing for unemployment, fewer americans collecting benefits. what that means is that you have more people l
, thank you, very much. and now for the first time president obama says the january says the january decline may not happen. the president sitting down with major gator. here's the president on with major garrett. here's the president on closing gtmo. >> i anticipate guantanamo being closed next year. i'm not going to set an exact date because a lot of this depends on cooperation from congress. you can see major garrett's entire interview with the president tonight. right here on the fox news channel. martha: and lawmakers on capitol hill peppering the attorney general with questions about the tragedy at fort hood. they want to know about the newly-emerging astonishing missed warning signs. some reports out there today are that he considered some of his soldier psychiatry patients to be war criminals. >> from the basis of what i know so far, it is disturbing to know that there was this interaction between hassan and other people that i find disturbing. jane: well -- martha: attorney general said they are in the process of gathering information in this case. >> ahead of tomorrow's ina
with president obama at the white house last night. earlier in the day netanyahu called for immediate peace talks. the palestinians want israel to free settlements, a position the obama administration supports. the white house visit was unusually low-key. afterward netanyahu cancelled a press briefing scheduled for today. >>> south korean military officials say one of its ships fired on a north korean navy vessel after it crossed over a border. the north korean ship returned fire in the yellow sea. it was heavily damaged before turning back. north korea may have initiated the conflict to draw attention as president obama sets out for asia later this week. >>> iran has officially accused those three american hikers of espionage. the charges against shane bower, sarah shepard and josh fattal came 100 days after crossing the border illegally. secretary of state hillary clinton says there's no evidence to support the charges and she is demanding their release. >>> the man accused of killing an abortion doctor tells the associated press this morning he has no regrets. scott roder confessed in a phone
going through the house. >> what is interesting, president obama came out and trumpeted the endorsement from the american medical association. i have them on board . doctors believe in them and today, they are going to be meeting in houston, no. our board of trustees voted and they may vote to retract it if that is the right word. for a saturday, there is so much going on in capitol hill and around the country about all of this health care reform. >> later in the show, we walk you through . point by point, and you lead up to 6 o'clock or 8:00 p.m. tonight there. is a lot of drama . first the headlines. >> i do want to tell you what is happening at this hour. there is another deadly shooting to tell you about this morning, 40 year old man accused of going on a shooting rampage at his woformer workplace. jason rodriguez blamed the engineer firm accusing them of hindering the unemployment benefits. rodriguez entered the building and killing a 26 year old. five others were wounded. his former mother-in-law told fox exclusively that he had a history of mental illness. >> i am thankful they h
in a murder that elliott wound up killing. >>> president obama will meet with the president of south korea later today. it will talk about north korea's nuclear program. he wrapped up a trip to beijing with some sightseeing at the great wall of china. >>> support for the afghanistan war is slipping. a new poll found 52% of americans feel the war is not worth the cost. 44% see it as a worth fighting. 55% saw are confident the president will choose a strategy that will ultimately work. >>> breaking news. the european union said pirates have now attacked the u.s. flag maersk alabama up for the second time in five months. pirate attack it off the coast of somalia earlier this year, taking the captain hostage. he was rescued by navy seals. we will have more details as they become available. >>> the pentagon is preparing to launch its own investigation into the fort hood shooting rampage. it will look at how all military service members are showing signs of trouble. nidal hasan is acced of killing and injuring many people. >>> vincent gray is the target of an ethics probe. he used council statio
to the victims of the fort hood massacre. >> and president obama's challenge in a far east siment, convincing world leaders that america is still an economic player. >> 1 news sunday morning starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] >> hello and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah wiener. first a look outside with meteorologist john coinls. hey, john. >> a little different out there, warmer, not raining. >> yes. >> there might be a couple of patches of fog and all, but our temperatures now are where they were yesterday morning at this time. the big difference is that there's no moisture in the atmosphere. >> yes, thank you. >> so let's take a look outside at our h.d. doppler radar, and, you know, the proof is in the pudding. yesterday, there were still some sprinkles and a little drizzle and a couple of spotty showers around the area with most of the rain up in new england, a lot of rain up in new england. well, this morning it's still raining in new england, but we've shaken most of the cloud cover. again, there may be a few pat
:30 eastern time, president obama is scheduled for a rare weekend visit to capitol hill. he will meet with the democratic caucus. wendell will goer is live on -- goller is live on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning, jamie. jamie: tell us a little bit about what happened overnight and why the abortion issue must be dealt with in order for the democrats to get what they want this complete overhaul of health care. >> well, it means the votes of about 40 pro-life democrats. and that could be enough to pass the health reform bill given that it's not going to receive, it appears, any support from republican members of congress, as you say. michigan congressman bart stupak proposed extending the hyde amendment which bans the use of federal money to pay for abortions for whatever emerges as a health reform bill here. that has given the democratic congressional leadership, in particular house speaker nancy pelosi, some confidence as they actually will have enough votes to pass the measure. the idea would be to allow people who receive federally subsidized insurance, folks who can't o
to this program. bill: in march of this year, president obama talked about the economy and the attention that needed to be paid to the deficit. >> let's do what we need to do to get through the difficult times, make some investments in health care, energy, education, that will lay the foundation for long-term economic growth. but let's also start making some tough choices about the deficit as soon as we get out of this recovery. bill: we are still climbing out of recovery. çsome would say that the jobs situation is about time, but can we sustain when you are talking about? the first >> side says we cannot afford it. we are -- >> the first side says we cannot afford it. we are being lectured by china. on the otxe  side, we cannot afford not to have a job creation projects. johnson is a core part of our economic problems. --job jobs is a core part of our economic problems. bill: he will be back in the next hour. we will be talking about some of the pressure is coming onto the white house. alisyn: to add insult to economic injury, the white house admitted we made and billions of improper
>> you'll have to be very clear. >>> presidential warning. the message from barack obama to afghanistan's controversial re-elected leader. the political friction and what's next. >>> then, detroit dollars. what's driving ford's surprise profit picture and who could put the brakes on the automaker. >>> and, successful stretching. how yoga helps kids in the hospital and in the clasoom. >> after trying yoga i started getting better grades. >> it's tuesday, november 3rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> what about vikram. that's the hot one. >> it's too hot for me, i can't do it. >> too much work we will talk about how it's helping some ks coming up this half hour. good morning on this tuesday, i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>afghanistan's president hamid karzai is promising to include all afghans in his new government. >> the taliban is announcing a victory of its own. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. after being dared the de facto winner of the elections president hamid karzai vowed to the public this morning that he would fight against
to draw attention as president obama sets out for asia later this week. >>> iran has officially accused those three american hikers of espionage. the charges against shane bower, sarah shepard and josh fattal came 100 days after crossing the border illegally. secretary of state hillary clinton says there's no evidence to support the charges and she is demanding their release. >>> the man accused of killing an abortion doctor tells the associated press this morning he has no regrets. scott roder confessed in a phone call and said he did it to protect unborn children. he's charged with shooting dr. george tiller at a wichita, kansas, church in may. tiller was among only a few doctors who performed late-term abortions. >>> a vote on legalizing same-sex marriage could come as early as today in the new york senate. gay rights advocates hosted rallies in manhattan and elsewhere throughout the state. the prospects for passage are very uncertain because there are not enough supporters in the state senate. >>> 1 million baby strollers are being recalled because of a hinge that can sever children
obama, weather man? here's your show biz forecast tonight. clear skies with a lot of laughs. this is "showbiz tonight" with hln. time to roll out the news ticker. more stories making news right now. >>> sarah palin is making the rounds big tile. she doing oprah, but tonight i can tell you she will sit down with barbara walters for a five-part interview. it will air beginning on november 17th. all this is timed to the release of palin's new book called going rogue. i'm a.j. hammer. >> i'm brooke anderson. did you see this? obama the weather man? >> as if he didn't have enough to do being leader of the free world. now president obama is predicting the weather. >> here is obama the weather man. >> we have seen him in rain, in sun, in cold, in heat. now meet the forecaster in chief. >> then tonight, chilly. >> are you tired of rooting around your closet trying to figure out how to dress and whether or not you need an umbrella? tonight stick your handout a window. go to type in your location and watch the five-day forecast with the president demonstrating what
clayton: president obama pardoning the annual thanksgiving turkey what's it like from the turkey's perspective? a bird's eye view roaming through the halls of the white house on its way being pardoned or possibly executed. janine from johnstown new york, for news i only watch, "fox & friends," it's the best so i don't make amends. happy thanksgiving. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute clayton: look at those graphics. happy thanksgiving, everyone. welcome here to "fox & friends" on this thanksgiving morning. rick folbaum and saintsly -- ainsley earhardt. ainsley: macy's day parade. very busy time to be here. >> the parade has a new route this year. >> they do. they turned broadway into a big pedestrian mall. they had to move the parade. it used to go through "times" square. they have to make a beeline arranged it this year. you can see some of the floats. they are getting ready on the upper west side of manhattan. that's where they start and they move down in front of macy's. clayton: look down here in t
obama who traveled to capitol hill yesterday to lobby for the plan himself. brian moore has the latest. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: passage of the sweeping trillion dollar house health care reform bill came down to a couple of hours of debate and a handful of votes. >> i and some of my colleagues just received a call from the president of the united states, barack obama, congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. >> reporter: the day began with president obama traveling to capitol hill to make sure democrats suppoed the bill. late in the evening, it passed a key hurdle. >> the amendment's adopted. >> reporr: an amendment banning government-funded abortions. it was demanded by moderate democrats. republicans condemned the health care reform plan as a washington power grab. >> how bad does it have to get before we stop the out of control spending? >> reporter: republicans presented a counter offer they said was cheaper and doesn't force people to get insurance coverage or face penalties. >> the health care system i america needs reformed, but the pelosi plan is
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